Wild-Life & Jeep Safari

Wild-Life & Jeep Safari

Discover Sri Lanka’s ‘wild side’, on adventures to lush tropical jungles and ancient rainforests where life goes on much as it has done for centuries past. Here remain kingdoms of unmatched natural beauty, where towering trees stand watching over the shifting sands of time providing refuge to all things great and small, exotic and beautiful.

We offers a wide range of Sri Lanka wildlife tours that take you to the midst of rich biodiversity, providing a unique chance to see the amazing variety of wildlife that calls the island home. This includes jeep safaris which transport you into the very depths of the wilderness, brining you face to face with animals that roam freely in these protected reserves. From the fascinatingly ferocious to the captivatingly colourful, these exotic creatures can be seen in their natural habitats, unperturbed by visitors.

Be it spotting elusive leopards in the wilds of Yala, witnessing the awe-inspiring annual gathering of elephants in Minneriya, observing the crested hawk eagle soar majestically in the skies above Bundala or trekking into the heart of the Sinharaja Rainforest, these natural wonders along with the Udawalawe, Kumana and Wilpaththu National Parks, each offer something new to discover.

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