North Coast in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka’s remote and picturesque East Coast extends from Trincomalee and Pasikudah in the North East, to Batticaloa and Ampara towards the east central region and, finally, Arugam Bay in the south east. The sun-kissed beaches and exotic marine life of Trincomalee; the island’s best surfing beaches in Arugam Bay - famously known as one of 10 best surf spots in the world.

Kalpitiya Beach

This beautiful stretch of sand attracts a lot of tourists and the beach is truly bestowed with scenic beauty. Whether you plan on a nice sunbath on the sandy shores, or dipping in the water for fun, Kalpitiya Beach in Sri Lanka is a must visit destination.


Jaffna, port, northern Sri Lanka. It is situated on a flat, dry peninsula at the island’s northern tip. The trading centre for the agricultural produce of the peninsula and nearby islands, it is linked with the rest of the country by road and a railway. Jaffna is no longer a major port but conducts some trade with southern India. Fishing is important in the economy.

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